Sotto (center) joins SAFC employees at the tree planing event

IN A demonstration of community engagement and environmental stewardship, volunteers from SAFC Heroes participated in the Earth Day 2024 tree-growing event organized by the Pasig City.

The event, led by Mayor Vico Sotto and coordinated by the Pasig City Environmental Resources Office took place at the Pasig Central Elementary School, where almost 70 seedlings were planted.

The initiative, dubbed the Batang Bantay Kalikasan (BBK) project, is designed to foster a love and responsibility for the environment among the city’s youth. It aligns perfectly with the goals of the SAFC Heroes’ Green Hero (#IamGreenHero) campaign, which encourages community involvement in sustainable practices.

“Participating in this tree-growing event has been an enriching experience for all our SAFC Heroes (Employee Volunteers),” said Ruscely Sanchez, SAFC chief people officer. “We are excited to support Pasig City’s innovative approach to environmental education and are committed to continuing our involvement in such transformative community projects.”

The BBK project not only aims to green the local environment but also to integrate environmental sustainability into the educational curriculum of the city’s schools.

SAFC Heroes’ involvement in the Earth Day event is part of a broader commitment to environmental stewardship, aligning with their mission to empower communities to undertake sustainability initiatives. The #IamGreenHero campaign has been pivotal in mobilizing volunteers for various eco-friendly projects across the region.

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