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About SAFC

Celebrating 21 Years

South Asialink Finance Corporation (SAFC) is one of the leading and fastest-growing non-bank financial institutions in the Philippines. With seven branches in 2006 and 86 branches today, SAFC has grown remarkably since its foundation in 2003. This year, SAFC is aggressively increasing its operations in Northern Luzon and the National Capital Region (NCR) to make their services more accessible to a wider area to provide enhanced financial solutions to an increasing number of customers, helping to meet the growing demand for reliable and affordable financing options in these key regions.

Strategic Growth and Local Impact

The strategic placement of branches demonstrates the company’s dedication to promoting local economic development by catering to the demands of specific markets. Preference for employing local residents further highlights SAFC’s dedication to community integration. This strategic approach has elevated SAFC into a multi-billion financial powerhouse, primarily focusing its operations in Southern Luzon and Cebu.

SAFC 20 Years

Diverse Financial Solutions

South Asialink Finance Corporaiton (SAFC) specializes in providing accessible and affordable financing options, making it the best financing company in the Philippines for vehicle loans. Our services include Vehicle Refinancing and Secondhand Vehicle Financing for both cars and trucks, along with Brand new Truck Financing. We have recently expanded our offerings to include Real Estate Refinancing and Brand new Car Financing, catering to a broader spectrum of financial needs.

Supporting Local Businesses

With a commitment to support and empower local businesses, approximately 70% of SAFC’s loan portfolio is dedicated to help SME Financing or Business Loans through its flexible loan products. This commitment ensures that SAFC not only provides financial solutions but also promotes economic growth and stability within the communities it serves.

Corporate Social Responsibility: SAFC Heroes

Through its Corporate Social Responsibility arm SAFC Heroes, SAFC actively pursues sustainability initiatives that enhance our product offerings and operations. Our diligent approach is a reflection of our great dedication to the environment and our stakeholders. We hope to promote responsible development and community involvement by incorporating these ideas.

Looking Forward

Looking to the future, South Asialink Finance Corporation (SAFC) remains dedicated to its mission of offering innovative financial solutions that cater to the evolving needs of Filipinos. Our continued investment in technology and community development positions us uniquely to lead and inspire in the financing and lending industry, making financial services more inclusive and accessible nationwide.


To spearhead the revolution
towards a positive and
sustainable change in the
financial services industry
in the Philippines.


“To provide the best financial
solutions that will make people’s
lives better.

To be the fastest-growing financing
company in the Philippines with the
annual revenue growth of 50%.


We make financing easy
for you through

Flexible and
Convenient service.

South Asialink Finance Corporation's CORE VALUES



We commit to honesty and integrity. We will be honest in all our dealings, true to ourselves, to our company and to the people we serve.


We take responsibility in everything that we do.


We value our employees and customers more than we value ourselves.


We are united in the pursuit of achieving the company’s overarching mission.


We strongly believe that our actions will help us achieve our goal.


We do ordinary things extraordinarily well.