L-R: Paul Mendoza, SAFC Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Mike Potenciano, Veteran Race and Rally Champion, Rolen Paulino Sr., SBMA Chairman, Joel Cruz, SAFC President and Managing Director, Attorney Victor Ngo, SAFC Chief Legal Counsel, and Joel Golaw, Wisefund Finance Corporation President

The Subic TSD Sampaguita Rally is an exciting and unique event that combines precision driving and navigating the beauty of the Philippine countryside. This year, the event was held in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone on February 19, 2022, and was organized by MP Turbo Founder Mike Potenciano.

TSD (Time-Speed-Distance) rallies are all about precision driving, where participants travel a specific route with the distance indicated at a given average speed at a pre-defined time. The rally is more about maintaining the right speed than going fast. The key to winning the rally is not getting lost and being on time at each checkpoint. The rally format is known as “On Time, All the Time,” and it is a safe, legal driving event on public roads.

There is a misconception that joining a TSD Rally requires a full race or rally car. This is a myth that should be dispelled, as it is entirely false. In fact, the average speeds are set at a level that

is within the legal speed limit, ensuring that the event is safe and accessible for non-professional racers and enthusiasts.

SAFC, one of the leading non-bank financial institutions in the Philippines, is one of the partners for this year’s staging. SAFC President and Managing Director Joel C. Cruz expressed his enthusiasm for participating in the TSD Sampaguita Rally, highlighting how the event is open to anyone who loves cars, driving, and the great outdoors.

Cruz said, “We at SAFC are thrilled to be part of the TSD Sampaguita Rally. We believe it is a great way for people to experience the thrill of motorsports without the need for a race or rally car. It’s a fantastic opportunity to test your driving skills, explore new routes, and meet like-minded enthusiasts. I’m proud that SAFC is supporting the motorsport rally scene in the Philippines.”

SBMA Chairman Rolen Paulino Sr. waving the Philippine flag as the starting signal for the rally race

TSD Rally does not require the same level of physical fitness as other motorsports, nor does it need expensive racing equipment or modifications to vehicles. This makes it a fun and accessible activity for individuals or families who enjoy driving and exploring new places. As long as you have a roadworthy car, a good sense of direction, and a

willingness to learn, participating in the sport can be a great way to bond with friends or family as you work together to navigate the course and complete challenges. Overall, TSD rallies provide a thrilling and family-friendly way to experience the world of motorsports.

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