CARMUDI Philippines Chief Executive Officer for Used Auto, Ramjit Lahiri and SAFC President and Managing Director, Joel C. Cruz

SAFC, one of the leading and fastest-growing non-bank financial institutions in the Philippines, and is distinguished for its groundbreaking approach to sustainable secondhand car financing solutions, is proud to announce a transformative partnership with CARMUDI Philippines, a rising player in the Philippine automotive industry. This strategic collaboration marks a milestone in driving forward sustainable transportation and offering innovative financing options for buyers within the automotive industry.

For nearly two decades, SAFC has been a stalwart advocate of sustainability, revolutionizing the second-hand car financing landscape by championing the principles of its SAFC Heroes’ #IamGREENHERO Reduce, Reuse, and Redrive campaign. By embracing these tenets, SAFC not only maximizes the lifespan of vehicles but also significantly reduces the environmental footprint attributed to new car manufacturing. The company’s resolute belief that responsible transportation choices are paramount to environmental preservation has been at the forefront of their commitment.

Mr. Joel C. Cruz, President and Managing Director of SAFC, stated, “Within SAFC, we aspire to create a world where sustainability and mobility seamlessly intertwine. Our strategic alliance with CARMUDI Philippines perfectly encapsulates this vision as we take on the role of the preferred financing partner for buyers within the CARMUDI ecosystem. This alliance extends beyond financial assistance; it’s a testament to our commitment to nurturing a culture of conscious and environmentally eco-friendly car ownership.”

Mr. Ramjit Lahiri, Chief Executive Officer for Used Auto of CARMUDI Philippines, added, “We are excited to join hands with SAFC on this pioneering journey towards sustainable mobility. This partnership underscores our commitment to providing our customers with not just vehicles, but also a responsible and eco-conscious way to own and drive them. Together with SAFC, we aim to redefine car ownership in the Philippines, making it not only accessible but also environmentally responsible.”

This collaboration enhances the environmentally conscious efforts of both organizations and drives their shared commitment to a more sustainable future. The utilization of CARMUDI’s user-friendly online platform tailored for effortless car transactions, aligns seamlessly with SAFC’s steadfast focus on sustainable second hand car financing. This synergy assures customers an elevated experience that embodies the principles of ecological stewardship.

Under the banner of the SAFC Heroes’ #IamGREENHERO campaign, SAFC and CARMUDI Philippines are synergizing their efforts to empower individuals to make informed, sustainable choices regarding their transportation needs. By encouraging the adoption of pre-owned vehicles, the partnership actively contributes to the reduction of harmful emissions and the advancement of a greener lifestyle. Beyond being a testament to environmental protection, this collaboration sets a potent precedent for both the industry and society as a whole.

As SAFC becomes the preferred financing partner for CARMUDI buyers, the partnership represents a crucial step forward in reshaping the landscape of car ownership financing. With their shared mission to foster sustainable practices, this collaboration promises a brighter and more environmentally-conscious future for the Philippines.

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